Asanja Africa


Ceremonies are an expression of our culture and self-determination. Every ceremony is a new life. They are the rites of passage and every Maasai Child is anxious to meet these stages of life. In our community people with long hair are the warriors and the warriors are not supposed to marry but they have Asanja!

Asanja Africa is a fully owned family business. The idea was floated in year 2008 and we are very proud to have embarked on this journey. In our journey, the first camp was fully operational in the year 2010 known as Asanja Moru – Luxury Bush Camp with one mission to sell an ASANJA experience and not a night.




Over the years, Asanja has cultivated a successful blend of professional business and unique bush expertise that delivers exceptional wild safari experiences. Our Asanja safaris are a product of sheer hard work and dedication to the wildlife. Immense attention has been paid to every detail to ensure your comfort and satisfaction is met in every way.